Why should your website be mobile responsive?

Here at Aim High Online, we offer a list of services including mobile responsive websites. What is a mobile responsive site? A mobile responsive site is a version of your website that is compatible with a mobile device or tablet, this meaning that when anyone accesses your website from a mobile, it will adjust to size so you can see all the content without having to zoom in and out.

This Blog post is going to talk you through a few facts on why you should have a mobile responsive website.

  1. Mobile usage is on the rise;

Did you know that 55% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices? This figure is also rising daily! With more mobile phones on earth than people, today its crucial you get your website mobile friendly.

2. More customers are using their mobiles to do their online shopping;

With mobile usage on the rise, its expected that customers are turning to their mobile for online shopping, 80% to be exact!

3.  Having a mobile responsive site will improve your SEO rankings;

One of Googles main ranking factors is mobile responsive sites. If your website is not mobile responsive you are likely to fall back in the results and off the page all together.

4. A better user experience;

Customers who can access a mobile responsive site has a better user experience. This meaning that they are likely to visit your website again in the future, compared to if you didn’t have a mobile site.


That’s all for today!

Until next time, Aim High Online HQ.


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