5 Reasons why you should be using Twitter Ads.

Twitter is undoubtedly the second biggest social media network, with an estimated 310,000,000 monthly visitors this is something you can’t deny. If you are still undecided on whether you should be using Twitter Ads, this Blog shows you 5 reasons why you SHOULD be using Twitter for your business. Here at Aim High Online, we have a specialised team who work only in maximising the benefits of social media for your business through social media.

1: The ability to target users on the accounts they follow;

Like Facebook, Twitter allows you to target people and businesses through their Ads. What is brilliant about Twitter Ads is that you are able to target individuals through the accounts that they already follow, that way you can guarantee that it will reach the audience that you want.

2. You are able to see the analytics for every tweet you post;

Twitter allows you to see how every tweet you post is preforming,  with this you can pick and choose what tweets work well through how many people it reaches and how many interactions it gains.

3. Unlimited tweets per campaign;

Another fantastic advantage of advertising on Twitter is that you can pick and choose how any tweets you want during one campaign. This means that the more tweets you include in the campaign means the more interactions.

4. Twitter has an estimated 310,000,000 monthly visitors;

Twitter is growing to be the 2nd largest social media site, behind Facebook. With its growing monthly users, not having your business on Twitter could be costing your business a large amount of potential customers and therefore missing out on sales.

5.  140 characters per tweet;

Unlike Facebook, you are limited to only 140 characters per Tweet. This can be a benefit for those who find it difficult to think of daily status updates on Facebook.


There you have it! 5 reasons why you SHOULD be on Twitter, call us today on 01723 370247 and we can start helping you grow through the power of social media.

-Aim High Online HQ.


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