Star Wars; Marketing Masterminds?

Today is national Star Wars Day, and to celebrate it we thought today’s Blog post should be dedicated to the franchise itself! With Aim High Online being big Star Wars Fans it was hard not to say no!

Since Disney first starting promoting Star Wars back in summer last year, how many times have you seen Star Wars? Whether that be on a cereal box or a duvet set?  More importantly, even if you are not a die hard Star Wars fan, how many times have you reached for the Star Wars branded products? You’ll be surprised, even when I was doing the weekly food shop I found myself reaching for the Star Wars branded cereal just because it had Darth Vader on the front and included a lightsaber spoon. I’m not even a die hard fan!

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“Search for your feelings, you know it to be true.” Darth Vader – It goes without saying that the Star Wars franchise elicits strong emotions within their fan base and it isn’t just the powerful story lines. They effectively market to people of all ages.Even at the age of 19 I found myself buying multiple Star Wars themed products, Star Wars Water, Star Wars Pasta and so much more. Why? Everywhere you look, Star Wars is there.

Star Wars started feeding their huge fan base with small drips of information  on the upcoming film back in November, slowing building their empire up with teasers and trailers, leaving their fans with always wanting more and full of anticipation.  And with the Star Wars brand every where you look, its easy to understand how Star Wars made an estimated $936,234,288. 

With the next film due to come out next year, you can expect to see all of Star Wars’ marketing techniques all again!

May the 4th be with you!

Aim High Online HQ.


Image Source; The Independent


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