Mobilegeddon take 2?

As most business owners will know, the 21st of April marked 1 whole year since Google rolled out its first mobile algorithm update. From them, any website that was NOT mobile friendly would be penalised and knocked down on Google’s rankings.

More and more people are using their mobiles only for the web as the days go on, 189 million Facebook users alone only use their mobiles when using the app.  Google have now issued new warning signs for site owners to get them responsive before the deadline



You can see that the warning sign is in plain sight, with the aim to get you to so something before the deadline. What is different about the algorithm compared to the original last year is that Google will be knocking websites off the first page as well as all the other pages completely if you are NOT mobile responsive.

With business on the 2+ plus page of Google only getting 6% of impressions compared to 94% of business on the first page, can you afford to be knocked off the rankings? We think not!








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