Not on the first page of Google? Big mistake!

As a business owner its important that you understand the importance of being on the first page of Google. With business on the second page only receiving 6% of impressions compared to the first page with 94% of impressions can you ignore this any longer? We think not!

You can’t deny that everyone uses Google as their number one search engine, whether they are searching on their mobiles or desktop. So its crucial as a business owner to appear at the very top way above your competitors. There is a few ways you can appear at the top;

  1. Google Ads.

With Google Ads you can guarantee that you appear above your competitors through the power of search terms. Ad words work through specific search terms related to your business, you can then ‘bid’ for the most relevant keyword that you want to appear for.

2. Map Listings.

We can get business up on the first page of Google through their map listing. If a business doesn’t have a map listing we can create one for them with no hassle. An with of a little bit of digital marketing magic we can get you on the first page. As easy as that!

That’s all for today, be sure to keep checking back for hints and tips on growing your business online.




Why should you advertise on Facebook?

No one can deny that Facebook is the biggest social media network out there, but did you know that Facebook is a fantastic marketing tool for small- medium sized businesses? With a estimated 1,100,000,000 monthly visitors that is something you can’t afford to ignore!

And if that wasn’t enough, below is 5 reasons why you should be taking advantage of Facebook Ads.

  1. Everyone has Facebook;

Pretty much everyone you know will have a Facebook account whether its for business or pleasure. with an estimated 1,100,000,000 monthly users that’s something we can’t argue with. Facebook knows everything about you from the pages you like, what you search on Google, what you don’t like, where you work, where you visit and so on. Because of this you are able to tailor your audience for your Ads to who you want.

2. Tailoring your audience;

That brings me onto my second point, because Facebook knows your information you are able to really tailor your audience to who you want. This means that the people who you want to see it will see it no doubt unlike Google as you will wait for them to search a particular search term.

3. Quick way to grow your business;

Using Facebook gives you the ability to grow your business rapidly. If you are wanting a large amount of ‘likes’ in a short amount of time, Facebook gives you the ability to do this.

4. Humanizes your brand;

Having Facebook and keeping customers up to date will humanize your brand. Customers want to see that the company they are potentially buying off is a person. It gives the ability to show customers that you care about feedback, support and so on. This then means that you are able to ‘reward’ customers with offers such as 10% off, which then generates more sales for your company! Win Win.

5.  Endless Opportunities.

And finally, as soon as you get the hang of Facebook Ads you are then able to run you business from pretty much anywhere just through Facebook!

That’s it for this weeks blog post! Be sure to check back next week where I will tell you 5 reasons why you should be taking advantage of Twitter Ads!

Have a lovely weekend and happy Friday!  from everyone at Aim High Online.